Breaking news: Second EcoMobility World Festival to take place in Johannesburg in 2015

23 October 2014, Johannesburg

A unique event will take place in Johannesburg from 1-31 October 2015, during South Africa’s Transport Month. The City will organize the world’s second-ever ‘EcoMobility World Festival 2015’ – a month-long car-free city district event. The project will visualize an ecomobile future for residents and visitors in Johannesburg.

“We want to close off certain streets in Sandton, our second largest Central Business District (CBD), to car traffic, and instead use these lanes for public transport, walking, cycling and other forms of EcoMobility during the entire Transport Month in October next year (2015)”, announced the Executive Mayor of the City of Johannesburg, Cllr Parks Tau.


The EcoMobility Festival 2013 in numbers

September 2013 has been an unprecedented experience for the residents of Suwon‘s Haenggung- dong neighborhood. Through the EcoMobility World Festival, the ancient core of Suwon has learned through direct experience the challenges and the thrills of closing the doors of their community to cars for an entire month.

Following the smashing success of Suwon‘s month-long car-free diet, residents are now prompted with the questions: should they reunite with cars or should they embrace the ecomobile lifestyle for good? Which next city is bold enough to follow Suwon’s EcoMobility model?

Read the EcoMobility World Festival 2013 Report

Festival at a glance

Best statements

“With this Festival, the City of Suwon has become a leader in advancing the environmental and sustainability solutions”

Park Won Soon Mayor of Seoul City

“17,086 people are killed in traffic accidents around the world during these 5 days of the Festival. We should put pedastrians as our priority and question the role of the street“

Gil Peñalosa, Director of 8-80 Cities

“Freiburg promoted EcoMobility modes in the past 40 years, now it's the time to connect all these means!“

Martin Haag Vice Mayor of Freiburg

“The Festival has demonstrated that vehicles of a human scale can make our streets more liveable“

Konrad Otto-Zimmermann, Creative Director of the Festival

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