The Festival Idea

"EcoMobility means priority for walking, cycling, wheeling, 'passenging'. It describes a new paradigm for both our personal mobility choices and urban transport planning."

Can we imagine how a car-free neighborhood, a car-free life looks like? Most Mayors, city councilors and urban planners can‘t. They can only imagine what they know from the past. How can we open their minds to the future? By creating images – pictures of the future.

What if the residents of a neighborhood in a large city would act out the future: real citizens, real city, real time.

In historic German cities, residents act out knight festivals every year. The old city around the castle is decorated to look as it did 800 years ago, residents dress in medieval styles, prepare food that the people ate in the 1200s and play knights’ games. During the EcoMobility World Festival in Suwon, residents will act out the future to show not what was, but what must now become a reality.

We all know urban mobility will look very differently in 20 years from now. Our task is threefold.


Konrad Otto-Zimmermann, Creative Director

  • Studied Urban Planning 1979-1984
  • Managed "Bicycle-friendly City Model Project" 1978-1984
  • Coined notion of "Umweltverbund" in Germany 1986
  • Coined the term "EcoMobility" in 2007
  • Founded Global Alliance for EcoMobility 2007
  • Initiated series of EcoMobility World Festivals 2009
  • Creative Director, EcoMobility World Festival 2013