Suwon sparks off month-long ecomobile experience in motion

Hailing salute to car-packed, dusty streets, Yeom Tae-Young, the Mayor of the City of Suwon, South Korea, is leading his citizens towards an ecomobile future by demonstrating that sustainable, fun, and healthy transport options are available and feasible. Joined by mayors and international guests from around the world, as well as local citizens of various age group and mobility needs, Mayor Yeom led the Grand Parade on 1 September 2013 to spark off the month-long ecomobile experience. 


Around the Haenggungdong neighborhood

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VIP ride and Grand Opening Parade

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EcoMobility Festival sparks off ecomobile lifestyle in motion


September 1, 2013, Suwon, South Korea - Today, residents of Haenggungdong in Suwon, South Korea woke up to a new neighborhood: car-less and people-friendly. [more]

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Suwon citizens say EcoMobility is more than riding a bike


Engaging 4,300 residents to swap some 1,500 cars for ecomobile vehicles and adopt an ecomobile lifestyle, the City of Suwon is setting an example to cities worldwide that travelling by eco-friendly means of transport is possible...[more]

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