Consultation and Preparation

After the announcement of Suwon City hosting the first EcoMobility World Festival, the Festival idea was met with a mixture of enthusiasm, curiosity, and concern from residents’ groups. While many residents welcomed the opportunity to regenerate their neighborhood, some expressed their concerns fearing the discomfort of having a car-free month.

A program of surveys, workshops, public hearings, consultations and EcoMobility training was provided to address these concerns and to involve Haenggung-dong residents in the planning of the month-long event. 240 city officials visited door to door in the neighborhood to explain the Festival plans and identify the alternative vehicles needed in each household. After the extensive community consultation, Suwon City came up with the following plans to support the residents during the car-free neighborhood experiment:

  • 400 vehicles (bicycles, electric scooters, electric bikes and kids’ trailers) are rented out free of charge to residents for the entire month;
  • 6 shuttle buses move residents between the neighborhood and 4 temporary parking lots every 15 minutes;
  • A 24-hour support service carry residents with urgent or special needs via electric shuttle vehicle whenever requested;
  • Mails and parcels were delivered by electric vehicles.

As a result, more than 98% of the registered cars were removed during the month of September with the support of the city administration. In addition, over 1,000 supporters joined Haenggung-dong Residents’ Group and took part in various elements of the Festival such as volunteering, giving guided tour to the visitors and organizing Festival programs such as running the pedal-power generator booth. This achievement was only possible because of residents’ support and their will to adopt an ecomobile lifestyle.