Daily Life in the Ecomobile Neighborhood

Away from the tourists, the media attention and transport experts, the Festival’s main focus was the everyday experience of 4,343 neighborhood residents who undertook the challenge of life without cars for an entire month.  In place of driving, residents of all ages from all walks of life made their commute to work, to school, their trips to the shops and to leisure activities on foot or with pedal power, with some LEV assistance Haenggung-dong residents discovered that in a neighborhood without cars, the spaces between buildings transforms from car parks and conduits to places to gather, to enjoy leisure activities, to linger in and to enjoy.

“It became really nice here compared to the past. Earlier it was crowded and the traffic was heavy. In the narrow streets, it was always a problem when the cars wanted to pass each other. Then the drivers shouted and argued, which was very annoying. I wish that the area will be without cars even after the festival, so I can use my bike safely” Jung Sam Lee, 70, retired
“Now my daughter’s walk to school is much safer than before. And she can walk faster, because she does not need to pay attention to the cars. […] I hope that after the Festival the people will continue to use some form of EcoMobility beside their car.” Soon Im Hong, 44, Housewife
“I am definitely benefiting from the Festival! Such a Festival attracts many visitors and creates a lively atmosphere in the neighborhood. And it is also good for my business.” Bok Soon Yoo, 68, restaurant owner