Welcome to EcoMobility World Festival!

EcoMobility World Festival 2013 was the world's first month-long presentation of an innovative urban transportation culture. Instead of using cars, 4,343 residents in Suwon City carried out their daily lives using a combination of walking, cycling, public transport and/or various other ‘ecomobile’ modes. The Festival offers a mise-en-scène of an ecomobile neighborhood, and provides a model approach to be locally adapted and replicated in cities worldwide.

Festival at a glance 

At the EcoMobility World Festival, a variety of programs attracted more than 1 million visits to the renowned ‘EcoMobility Neighborhood’. The streets, where the cars were removed, were filled with cultural activities and weekend markets, which added a festive mood to the area. Residents and visitors explored the car-free neighborhood with innovative ecomobile vehicles sourced from 10 different countries.

The Festival developed local and international awareness on the value and feasibility of the ecomobile city model. Thanks to the support of strong leadership and engaged community participation, the month-long experiment proved that any neighborhood can transform into an area where pedestrian and cyclist activity flourishes, in a bold departure from car-centric urban design.