Haenggung-dong Neighborhood

Haenggung-dong is a neighborhood in the center of Suwon, surrounded by the historical fortress, Hwaseong, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Due to the development restrictions to preserve the fortress, this neighborhood retains an old urban character that distinguishes it from more developed areas of the city. Conventional market retailing is the main business activity in this area. 

Based on residents needs identified in a 2012 survey, Suwon city committed to create livable streets in the neighborhood. To improve the walking environment of the neighborhood, the street infrastructure in Haenggung-dong neighborhood has undergone an extensive streetscape refurbishment through EcoMobility World Festival.

Explore the New Neighborhood! 

Entrance of the neighborhood 

Street improvements in Hwaseomun Street and small alleys 

  • Main streets sidewalks were widened to three meters on each side.  
  • Façades were improved and a suite of alley refurbishments were undertaken through a program of public works
  • Local artists painted a series of decorative murals injecting color and character into the network of local alleyways. 
  • Sewerage infrastructure was upgraded and overhead cabling was buried underground.


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