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EcoMobility World Festival 2013 Report presents legacy of car-free neighborhood


Can we imagine a life without cars? This call to action sets the tone of the newly released EcoMobility World Festival 2013 Report, now online.[more]

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Endorsing Partners make their mark on first EcoMobility World Festival


Car-free experiment in Suwon a great success thanks to the support of almost 20 endorsing partners.[more]

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Suwon City is 2014 Sustainable Transport Award Finalist


Suwon demonstrated that a city neighborhood could live for a month without being dependent on personal automobiles.[more]

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EcoMobility 2013 Congress Report is now available online!


Held in the remarkable setting of Suwon's EcoMobility World Festival project, the Congress attracted 600 delegates.[more]

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Suwon citizens chart future course following inaugural EcoMobility World Festival


A citizens’ round table was hosted by Suwon City on 13 November, feeding in to the future transport policy making of EcoMobility World Festival neighborhood, Haenggung-dong. 300 participants outlined speed restrictions, parking...[more]

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