Suwon City is 2014 Sustainable Transport Award Finalist

Haenggung-dong streets eliminated cars for the month of September 2013 (c) ICLEI e.V. 2013

Residents file through the entrance of the EcoMobility Neighborhood (c) ICLEI e.V. 2013

Fresh from hosting the world’s first EcoMobility World Festival, Suwon City in South Korea was today announced as one of four city finalists for the 2014 Sustainable Transport Award (STA).

Organized jointly by Suwon City and ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, with the support of UN-Habitat, the Festival saw the Haenggung-dong neighborhood transformed into a car-free zone with almost 1,000,000 visits recorded over the month-long duration.

Over 4,300 residents and Festival visitors experienced an ecomobile lifestyle for 30 days by favoring walking, cycling, and mass transport– transport means that are low-emission, safe, and resource-efficient.

Since 2005, the annual STA has been given to a city that has implemented innovative and sustainable transportation projects in the past year. These strategies must improve mobility for all residents, reduce transportation greenhouse and air pollution emissions, as well as improve safety and access for cyclists and pedestrians. 

Suwon being a finalist breaks new ground for the Sustainable Transport Award in recognizing for the first time not only the permanent changes to an entire neighborhood (including wider sidewalks, cycle lanes, and bike rental stations) but also the vast participatory process and lifestyle shift inherent to the success of the Festival project.

To win the award Suwon competes against 3 other cities with equally impressive transport improvements in 2013. Buenos Aires in Argentina implemented two new Metrobus corridors, Metrobus Sur and 9 de Julio, and transformed the city center into a pedestrian-friendly environment, encouraging walking and cycling. Indore in India launched iBus, the second true BRT corridor in India, and continues the fight to keep cars out of the designated bus lane. Lanzhou in China implemented the second-highest capacity BRT in Asia, and included several transit-oriented development reforms as part of this project. 

Finalists will be honored at a reception at the Washington Hilton International Ballroom on January 14, 2014, during the Transport Research Board annual conference in Washington, DC. 

Past winners of the Sustainable Transport Award include:  Mexico City, Mexico (2013); Medellin, Colombia and San Francisco, United States (2012); Guangzhou, China (2011); Ahmedabad, India (2010); New York City, USA (2009); London, UK (2008); Paris, France (2008); Guayaquil, Ecuador (2007); Seoul, South Korea (2006), and Bogotá, Colombia (2005).

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