Endorsing Partners make their mark on first EcoMobility World Festival

Gil Penalosa from 8-80 Cities gives an interview for the Korean Festival blog at a pre-Festival workshop in April.

Lloyd Wright, ADB, presents on the final day of the EcoMobility 2013 Suwon Congress.

Anke de Vrieze, CITIES Foodlogica, with Kathleen Bracke from City of Boulder and Ritchie Anne Rono of Clean Air Asia.

Mary Jane Ortega of Citynet leads the VIP ride alongside Martin Haag, Vice-Mayor of Freiburg.

Ritchie Anne Rono of Clean Air Asia on stage during a session on EcoMobility and Health.

Carlosfelipe Pardo of Despacio contributes to the youth discussion on EcoMobility and the Future Generation.

Florian Lennert of Innoz takes the microphone during a Congress session.

Naureen Kabir of New Cities Foundation presents a study on Connected Commuting.

Cornie Huizenga of SLoCaT interacts with William Camargo of City of Bogota during a congress session.

ICLEI extends a sincere thank you to all the endorsing partners of EcoMobility World Festival, whose support helped make this unique event a resounding success. Here is a snapshot of our partners' involvement at the Festival.


8-80 Cities

Executive Director Gil Penalosa took on the role of EcoMobility Ambassador for the Festival, contributing technical expertise and policy recommendations throughout a number of pre-Festival workshops. 

"I have been working alongside ICLEI and the Suwon City team during several workshops with the community, listening to their needs. I think the change to the ecomobile culture shown throughout the Festival will help many other communities around South Korea and the world to see what is possible." - Gil Penalosa



Lloyd Wright, Senior Transport Specialist within the Regional and Sustainable Development Department at the Asian Development Bank delivered a presentation on Financing Sustainable Urban Transport. Together with GIZ and the ICLEI EcoMobility Alliance, ADB co-hosted a workshop on Non-Motorized Transport.

"Transport is not a financial issue. Transport is not a technical issue. Transport is a political issue." - Lloyd Wright



Anke de Vrieze, Project manager from FARMING THE CITY presented the Foodlogica sustainable supply chain to the Congress. 

"If the residents of Haenggung-dong decide to stay an ecombile neighborhood after the one-month pilot, it would be interesting to have a closer look at the organization of an ecomobile food supply. This could prove an interesting test case for other cities in the world as well." - Anke de Vrieze

Read more on Urban food logistics and EcoMobility World Festival in a guest post from CITIES.



Mary-Jane Ortega, Secretary General of CITYNET, addressed the keynote plenary of the Congress and then joined Professor Dr. Martin Haag, Vice Mayor of Freiburg in leading the VIP Parade on 1 September 2013.

"Mayor Yeom’s constituency trusted him and supported the project wholeheartedly. This is the fabric needed in making cities for the people, by the people and of the people – a democracy in our urban world." - Mary Jane Ortega

Read her impressions from the EcoMobility World Festival 2013 opening day in Suwon, South Korea in a guest blog post.


Clean Air Asia

Clean Air Asia was represented at the Festival by Ritchie (Chee-Anne) Rono, Program Officer and Parthaa Bosu, Director of the Clean Air Asia India Office.

The organization displayed their 'Hairy Nose' Campaign at the Festival promotional booths and participated in the EcoMobility 2013 Suwon Congress.

Ms. Rono presented on the issue of EcoMobility and Health while Mr. Bosu discussed Reinventing Walkability in a session entitled "Public spaces promoting EcoMobility".

"Improving walkability entails improvement not only in the physical infrastructure but equally in the minds of people." - Clean Air Asia



Carlosfelipe Pardo represented Despacio at the EcoMobility World Festival and Congress, delivering two presentations exploring The Experience of Travel as a social component of mobility and Health and Transport in a Broader Perspective

Mr. Pardo also acted as a facilitator during the EcoMobilty and the Future Generation Youth Session which saw 200 youths from Korea, Kenya and Indonesia come together to issue a Youth Declaration on EcoMobility.

Click here to read a Spanish article featuring Mr. Pardo's experience at the pedestrian zone of Suwon: Zebra crossings? No, major pedestrian zone.

"Sometimes, we have to think about things the other way around in order to understand them, and because it is fundamental to find another use for spaces, which normally were thought to be used for something else." - Carlosfelipe Pardo



Amit Bhatt, Strategy Head on Urban Transport represented EMBARQ India at the Congress, co-presenting the 'Low-carbon Cities and Mobility' session.



Florian Lennert, Director of InnoZ, gave a presentation addressing Future mobility in the intelligent city: Part 1  and Part 2



The Korea Transport Institute was represented at the Festival and congress by Jin Young Park, who presented a Korea Pedestrian Design Guide during the non-motorized transport Session organized by ADB, GIZ and the EcoMobility Alliance.


New Cities Foundation

Naureen Kabir, Director of Urban (co)LAB at New Cities Foundation moderated a session on the role of EcoMobility in urban regeneration, in addition to presenting the research findings from a study on Connected Commuting

"It was very exciting to witness Suwon city's real commitment to make the whole neighborhood ecomobile. It will be fascinating to see how the city will change in the next couple of years." - Naureen Kabir



Cornie Huizenga, Joint Convener of SLoCaT attended the Festival with a key role in chairing the Leaders' Roundtable at the EcoMobility 2013 Suwon Congress.


UN Center for Regional Development

Choudhury Mohanty attended EcoMobility World Festival as Environment Program Coordinator of the UN Center for Regional Development. Mr. Mohanty was a panelist in the Leaders' Roundtable on Monday 2 September.