Suwon appoints new EcoMobility World Festival Ambassadors

Suwon City Mayor Yeom Tae Young has appointed film actress Park Bo-young, actor and radio announcer Park Chul and 8-80 Cities Director and urban planner Gil Penalosa as international ambassadors of the EcoMobility World Festival.

As the main advocates for the Festival, they will be instrumental in transforming the urban neighborhood of Hanggengdong into a people-oriented and car-lite environment.

"The event is not as easy as you think", remarked film actress Park Bo-young, calling on everyone to join in the effort and contribute in their own little ways to make the Festival a success, either by cycling or passenging instead of driving cars or through drawing, painting or writing about the theme of ecomobility.  

Impressed with the pioneering spirit of Mayor Yeom Tae-young, radio announcer Park Chul compared the mayor to the late President John F. Kennedy. He warned Mayor Yeom of the opposition from businesses and residents but assured him of his continued support in opening the minds and hearts of residents to an alternative ecomobile lifestyle. 

"Think about it. Everyone does not drive in Suwon. Children and adolescents, and children under the age of 19 are not driving. The elderly who do not drive. So, it is important to make a human, people-oriented city. People walking safely and cycling in the city conveniently, and using  public transportation, must be created", Gil Penalosa remarked. 

Penalosa reminded everyone that the Festival should not only be a 30-day event but should be deeply embedded in the hearts and minds of citizens.  "This Festival will be an opportunity to change people's minds and their lifesyle", he closed.