Getting to Suwon

This is a low-carbon emissions event in support of global climate change initiatives. Please consider travel options that minimize emission generation and/or CO2 offset options.

Suwon is located 30km south of Seoul and easily accessed from the capital and International airport. Suwon is reachable in 45 minutes by bus from Seoul Gangnam and by train from Seoul Central Station. Journey time from Incheon International Airport is circa 60-80 minutes. Suwon is part of the Seoul Metropolitan Area which enables the city to benefit from the most convenient public transportation system in Korea.

How to get to Suwon City

From the airport

Incheon International Airport is the hub of Korean Air and Asiana Airlines and hosts over 60 foreign airlines around the world. The most convenient way from Incheon International Airport to Suwon or Seoul is by Limousine Bus. Ride the bus to East Suwon at the airport exit 7A or 7B and take off at the bus stop ‘Castle Hotel’ which takes approximately 80 min. For adults, the bus fare is 12,000 KRW and for children 7,000 KRW. The bus runs from the airport to Suwon from 05:30 - 22:40 and from Suwon to the airport from 04:50 - 20:30 every 30 minutes. 

By train/metro

Take the direct train from Seoul Station or Yeongdeungpo Station to Suwon Station (30-40 mins). Suwon Station lies on metro line 1 which can be reached from anywhere in Seoul Metropolitan Area. From Suwon Station, take the bus that passes the Festival area. See how to get to the Festival area from Suwon Station. 

For information about the public transportation system in Seoul Metropolitan Area visit the subway page and the bus page of Korea Tourism Organization. For information about train schedules, visit the website of KORAIL, the Korea Railroad Corporation. 

By bus

There are four bus stops around the Festival area that allow visitors to easily reach EcoMobility World Festival (see the map above) 

- From Gangnam, Seoul: Take bus 3000 and get off at Jangan-dong bus;
- From Sadang, Seoul: Take bus 7770 and get off at Jangan Park bus stop.

For detailed information, see the maps of the bus stops.