Practical Information on Your Visit

Interesting facts about South Korea that you should know before planning your trip to EcoMobility World Festival.

Only 30km away from the capital, visitors can easily reach Suwon from Incheon International Airport and Seoul.

As the hub of business activities and the city where Hwaseong Fortress is located, Suwon offers visitors a range of accommodation options – from budget to high-range.

Stroll around the UNESCO World Heritage Site Hwaseong Fortress and experience the traditional archery. Find out what you can explore during your stay in Suwon.

Plan your perfect Korean trip with our list of recommended attractions! From backpackers to researchers who are visiting the EcoMobility World Festival, South Korea offers a host of destinations for everyone to enjoy. 

Discover the highlights and explore the EcoMobility World Festival – the congress, EcoMobility test-tracks, pedestrian street and Velotaxi tour.