Recommended Attractions in South Korea

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or an urban researcher, this page will provide an overview of the wealth of attractions at EcoMobility World Festival and in South Korea. If you are already planning to go to Suwon for the EcoMobility World Festival, take this opportunity to explore Korean culture and experience a real-life neighborhood transformation project. 


If you are an outdoor fanatic who loves exploring nature, landscapes, and being physically active, check out the latest designs for bicycles, electric scooters, recumbent, Segways, and roller blades at the test-track, perfect for keeping active! EcoMobility World Festival will showcase an ecologically sensitive urban culture. 


Proposed package:

Namsam Park (Seoul)
Bukhansan National Park (Seoul)
Jeju Island 
Terraced Fields (Hamyang)
Gongryong Ridge, Seorak Mountain
Upo Marsh (Changnyeong) – bike around this beautiful natural swamp, the largest wetland in Korea 

Cultural Tourist

If you love art, architecture, music, food, and history, enjoy the EcoArt exhibitions, street concerts, photographic exhibition, cultural spectacles, Hwaseong Cultural Festival, Traditional Wedding Ceremony, and Korean Thanks Giving Day Event in the Festival neighborhood. 


Proposed package:

Gyeongbok Palace (Seoul)
Jogyesa Temple (Seoul)
Haedong Yonggungsa Temple (Busan)
Bulguksa Temple (Gyeongju)
National Museum of Korea (Seoul)
Seoul Arts Center (Seoul) - hosting Performing Arts Festival and International Dance Festival in September
Yoo’s Family (Insadong, Seoul) – tea ceremony, print making, Korean cooking and dressing up in hanbok
Chunjiyun Spa to relax mind and body (Seoul)
Seoul Drum Festival (Seoul)
Sajikdaeje – national prayer ritual
Korean Traditional Music Festival (Seoul) – September 22 

The Backpacker

If this is your first visit to Korea and want a flavor of everything (culture, city, nature, nightlife), take a look at our recommended tour itinerary! At the EcoMobility World Festival, you can meet locals, enjoy the Festival buzz, attend the Unplugged Concert, take part in EcoMobility Vehicle contests, and experience Korean culture during Hwaseong Cultural Festival and Thanksgiving Day event. 

Proposed package:

Gyeongbok Palace (Seoul)
Jogyesa Temple (Seoul)
Dongdaemun Market (Seoul)
Myeongdong: Hyper Shopping (Seoul)
Hongdae NANTA Theatre (Seoul)
North Seoul Tower (Seoul)
Hongdae nightlife (Seoul)
Seoul Drum Festival (Seoul)
Gangnam District (Seoul)
Korean DMZ Trip
City beaches in Busan
Korean Traditional Music Festival (Seoul) – September 22 

The Family Package

If you are a family with young children, you can enjoy an array of family friendly entertainment and cultural activities at the EcoMobility World Festival. Test out fun ecomobile vehicles, appreciate the myriad of cultural displays, enjoy concerts, street art activities, take part treasure hunts, have fun in the alley playground, learn about the effects of transport on the environment. 


Proposed package:

Seoul Grand Park Zoo (Seoul)
Hangang River Park (Seoul)
63 City (Seoul)
Jump! Comic Martial Arts Musical Performance (Seoul)
Han River Ferry trip (Seoul)
Korean Traditional Music Festival (Seoul) – September 22
Carribean Bay Waterpark (Yongin)
Everland Theme Park (Yongin)
Korean Folk Village (Yongin)
Seoul Land Themepark (Gwacheon)

Study Visits for Students / Researchers

EcoMobility World Festival offers researchers undertaking fieldwork in South Korea a unique opportunity to combine the EcoMobility 2013 Suwon congress with real-world observation of a community transitioning to sustainable mobility patterns.

Read the targeted Festival information for Universities and Research Institutes to learn about more opportunities for your research. 

Proposed package:

Cheonggyecheon Museum and Urban Renewal fieldtrip (Seoul)

“Listen to the City” trademark Seoul Tours―alternative excursions aimed at re-examining sites of large-scale state-sponsored public works projects in and around Seoul (Seoul) 

For more suggested itineraries in South Korea, visit the Korea Tour Organization website.