Things to do in Suwon

See the tourist attractions on offer in Suwon, a city where tradition Korea culture is well preserved, and make the most of your visit to EcoMobility World Festival.

Hwaseong Fortress

Enjoy a stroll around the curved walls of the striking Hwaseong Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site built in Jeosun Dynasty. Check out the various Hwaseong trekking and tour routes that are offered! For more information, visit the Hwaseong Fortress travel highlights page on the Korea Tourism Organization website. 

Suwon Stream

A stream starts from Gywanggyo Hill and goes through the heart of Suwon. Learn the story of how Suwon citizens played a crucial role in restoring the stream which was once covered under a concrete paved parking lot.

Haenggung-dong Mural Village 

Explore the artistic walls of small alleys which have been decorated by international and national artists. Don’t miss ‘Space Noon’, where you can have a cup of tea and see the various art works. A special exhibition under the theme of ‘Arts from Recycled Resources’ will take place during the Festival period at ‘Space Noon’ exhibition hall. 

Experience Traditional Archery 

Hone your skills with a bow and arrow and experience the national archery of Korea! Yeonmujeong located near the Hwaseong Fortress offers visitors a place to experience 'gukgung', or national archery. A basic lesson is given in gukgung before visitors try shooting on their own. For more information, visit Suwon City’s website

Haenggung-dong Workshop Street

Similar to Insa-dong in Seoul where various workshops and art and craft shops are concentrated, the Workshop Streets offer various handicrafts outlets, souvenirs stores as well as restaurants. Don’t miss out on the chance to see the optical illusion drawing on the street! 

Conventional market retailers

8 different conventional market retail outlets surround Paldal Gate, forming Suwon’s main commercial district. Everything you need can be found here: Korean street food, vegetables, fish, meat, household items, clothing and tools.

More information on the recommended tours in Suwon can be found on the Suwon Cultural Foundation website.