For those of you who didn't make the trip to Suwon in September 2013, you still have a part to play in making EcoMobility World Festival an international success!

Our aim is to see communities from all over the world take up and experience the manifold benefits of an ecomobile lifestyle, as the residents of Haenggung-dong experienced for themselves in September 2013!



1. Check out our donation page here.

2. Select a TRAVEL PLEDGE!


While there are many emissions-saving lifestyle changes to choose from, we are focussed on modifying travel habits with the EcoMobility Pledge.


Browse the travel themed actions and find one (or more) that suits you, then make your EcoMobility pledge(s). Some are really easy; others take a bit more effort.

You pledge to do your chosen action for one month and you will receive a few helpful reminders. Afterwards, you'll be asked to confirm how you got on.


We are eager to hear your stories and share the successes of our international EcoMobility pioneers.


Please send your photos and testimonials to ecomobility.festival(at) and we will feature the top 3 on our website and social media to inspire others!


So let's get moving!

Questions? Contact us at