Be part of the next EcoMobility World Festival!

By being the host of the first EcoMobility World Festival, Suwon laid the foundation for an extensive sustainable urban transport plan for the entire city of Suwon.
- Is your city ready to take up the EcoMobility challenge?
- Is your city leader committed to prioritize citizens over cars?
- Do you want to show that taking away cars increases economic value?
- Do you want to show your citizens that there is more than one way to commute to work?

If you answered yes to at least one of the above questions and if you strongly believe that urban transport affects your everyday life and/or your decisions influences transport, you are welcome to take part in our next EcoMobility World Festival! 

If you want to create an EcoMobility World Festival in your city, get in touch with us iclei(at)

We have the tools to transform your city. All we need is your leadership and commitment to transform. If you are from any of the following sectors, see what your counterparts say. 

Local governments

Together with ICLEI, your city can plan a month-long presentation of an innovative and forward thinking urban transportation culture that is tailor-made for the area. Transform a part of your city into a neighborhood prioritizing walking, cycling, public transport and/or various other ‘ecomobile’ modes for a month. 

“With this Festival, the City of Suwon has become a leader in advancing the environmental and sustainability solutions.” Park Won Soon - Mayor of Seoul City

Read the targeted Festival information for decision makers


Explore a new market through EcoMobility World Festival by demonstrating your ecomobile products to decision makers and end users in a unique, international and real life city environment.

“When we decided to attend, I admit I had no expectations of finding a new market. But after visiting Korea with an open mind, experiencing the culture and seeing the genuine interest of our product I immediately changed my perception. Thanks again to ICLEI for giving us this opportunity.” Erik Nyborg –CEO of Nordic Cab

Have a look at the business brochure and see the vehicle manufacturers who took part in EcoMobility World Festival 2013. 

Non-governmental organizations

Does your organization have a distinctive vision on changing the lifestyle to a more environmental, ecomobile way? Endorse the next EcoMobility World Festival and share your input of a real life ecomobile neighborhood.

“I have been closely working with the ICLEI and Suwon City teams, attended various workshops with the city staffs and community where I have been listening to their needs. […] I think the change to the ecomobile culture through the Festival will help many other communities around South Korea and the world to see what is possible.” Gil Peñalosa - Executive Director of 8-80 Cities

Read the targeted Festival information for International Organizations and see the endorsing partners of the first Festival.


Tell us how you want your city to become ecomobile and why you think your town/city should host the next EcoMobility World Festival. Imagine the differences you would notice in your own lifestyle as you incorporate EcoMobility into your daily routines.  

“I support the idea of the Festival and I hope that this kind of Festival will happen in my city too. I would be very proud if my city would have such a Festival.“ A visitor from the City of Yongin, retired government officer