Cycles are the most equitable of all transport modes – economical, small, healthy and environmental-friendly!  

The inventor of this bicycle, Michael Pedersen, was a keen cyclist. Unsatisfied by the uncomfortable leather saddles of the 1890s, he invented the hammock bicycle saddle and supported it with a parallel-tubed steel frame consisting of 21 triangles. Due to the structural strength of the triangle, the frame looked light and elegant but had enormous strength. 120 years later the flexible hammock saddle is still up-to-date, especially since the upright riding provides a very comfortable ride.

Name of the producer: Pedersen Manufaktur

The two innovative handmade recumbent bikes provided by AZUB BIKE are worth trying out! The AZUB Tricon folding recumbent bike is an ultra-folding, very comfortable trike with rear suspension and a wide range of components and options - perfect for touring as well as for short trip.

Name of company producer: AZUB BIKE


The AZUB Origami bike is a folding recumbent and comfortable alternative to an upright bicycle. Both bikes are small and handy when folded.

Name of company producer: AZUB BIKE


DOUZE Cycles introduces a new concept of convenient cargo bicycle inspired by famous freight cycles from the Netherlands and Denmark specifically designed for urban rides. Their structures allow to carry kids for a ride, to go to shopping, or to transport big and heavy things. The original thing about this vehicle is that is adjustable and separable in its parts for different uses. Once split into two parts, they are not bigger than a conventional bicycle and become easily transportable and storable.

Name of company producer: DOUZE Cycles 



Description: This extra-ordinary bike can be used like a regular bicycle by pedaling, but also with the optional rowing function which transforms it into a rowing bike (push and pull actions). It switches from a regular paddle action to a rowing function simply just by turning the left handle grip. A brand new way to exercise, the rowing exercise targets hands, arms, chest, stomach and leg, instead of only feet; every hand-push will help you keep in shape.

Name of company producer:  Row-N-Go




gobaX GmbH is an expert in developing robust cargo bikes, including electrified models, for professional use. Their bikes are made of high quality components of renowned manufacturers and are developed in-house, offering tailored solutions. The cycles are tested in real-life professional contexts, making it even through the toughest trials and professional situations. Thanks to gobaX we will be able to count on a specifically customized ambulance bike to support the medical emergency services during the Festival!

Name of the producer: gobaX GmbH




Egretta combines both sophistication and practicability, insisting on exquisite techniques and finding the balance and the right mix of fashion, construction, and aesthetics. The precise angle of the front fork provides a brilliant road driving feedback and an excellent manipulation. The stiff front construction strengthens its performance and transmits the paddle power to the road directly. The long and indirect saddle tube in extraordinary flexible material transfers the hard sense of road bike riding into the comfortable riding experience.

Name of the producer: ARYEN MOTOR & AERONAUTICS CO.,LTD

Inskey e-bikes are presenting a lithium battery with a battery lock and a lightweight structure (19kg) and an alloy frame with unique hidden cable design. The electric city bike is still presenting a lightweight frame but combining it with a hidden cable design and an efficient battery power system.

Name of the producer: Inskey Energy Technology Co., Ltd.