Leisure, Sports & Fun

Enjoy your EcoMobility in your leisure-time activity! 

The All-Season Sport 5-in-1 Bike Trailer is a multipurpose attachment with a number of useful applications. It is perfect for transporting your children by bike, easily adaptable by adding a jogger fork and wheel to go for a run, ideal for cross country skiing, or simply towing cargo. This quality trailer is made without any PVC or harmful phthalates and designed with both a hard plastic shell and reinforced aluminum roll-bar for improved family safety. An all-season vehicle, the trailer is ideal from snow to sun.

Name of company producer: Nordic Cab


Toxy developed an outstanding multi-purpose tricycle concept –Trimobil- for sustainable urban mobility, transportation and marketing. It can be used as: A professional velotaxi, a sightseeing, industrial cargo delivery bike, practical family tandem, being able to carry up to 6 children, marketing and promotional bike for mobile outdoor advertising  and much more. It offers up to 5 square meters of advertising space and solid carrier plates for many assembly options, as a mobile point of sale or info desk.

Name of the producer: Toxy Liegerad GmbH - smart cycling performance





Trizer Scooter features a brand new model of three wheeled swing scooters. Easy to use by moving your body from side to side while standing.  Kids and adults will enjoy using this for fun and exercise purposes.  It features a compact fold design for easy storage and transport, a deluxe footplate for comfortable drive and a single brake system for speed control.

Name of the producer: Trolli Master Sdn. Bhd.



The endurable dom T2 Single-wheel trailer is a light weight, high efficiency, cross-country trailer, expanding EcoMobility into the countryside. The aluminum alloy frame is retractable. And it comes with a 100 % waterproof bag. Perfect for sport purposes and for travelling, this trailer is designed for people in movement.

Name of company producer: Freeparable Design Co., Ltd.