LEV (Light Electric Vehicles)

Need an extra push? Get support from sustainable energy powered devices. 

MoVi is a safe, convenient and flexible inner-city vehicle. It combines a high degree of benefits with a lot of fun, without causing a problem for the environment. High-quality materials, robust design, every detail was important to develop a long-lasting product that people can enjoy in any situation. MoVi accelerates up to 18 km/h and one battery charge is enough to ensure up to 5 hours of operation. Any power socket is suitable to charge MoVi.

Name of the producer: Tünkers Maschinenbau GmbH

The Virto is a comfortable electric tricycle with a striking design and the perfect height to be clearly visible while having a clear overview in traffic. Its maximum speed is no less than 25 km/h, making it a safe and quick means of transportation. Virto is perfect for street use, but also as a logistics solution within industrial estates, exhibition grounds or halls and airports.

Name of the producer: M-Products

The Li-ion battery powered scooter from Saekyung EV is designed as an easy-load delivery vehicle with a spacious storage compartment. Charging fully in 2.5 hours and weighing 115kg the scooter can travel up to 108km/h and last up to 90 kilometers on a single charge. Saekyung EV is working with KAIST a renowned technical University in Korea to bring new technological advances to mass-production.

Name of the producer: Saekyung EV



The YikeBike’s portability makes it extremely versatile as a commuters' device and can be taken on a variety of public transport to drastically enhance your commute and give you the urban freedom you wish for. Travel in full confidence, because you will have the freedom to hop on and off your YikeBike and there’s no need to worry about finding that taxi or the traffic.


The kickTrike is a 3-wheel electrically-powered scooter with two wheels in the front and one wheel in the back. It has been designed for the simultaneous transport of individuals and goods. When not being used for transport, the kickTrike has an easy to foldup mechanism, which in turn allows for convenient maneuverability and stowing as well as bringing the device into buildings and onto elevators. The prototype exhibited hints at an upcoming EcoMobility revolution!

Name of the producer: Minimove GmbH