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EcoMobility provides you with easier and healthier options to make shopping and delivery more fun and convenient!



With a hard cab for insulation and protection, the kids’ trailer offers a quick and convenient attachment vehicle to help transport the tiniest ecomobile enthusiasts around the city. Your pets might also be curious to try out the dog trailer - great exercise for them and perfect for transporting some groceries. The trailer is designed for a maximum cargo of 50 kg and its coated top is expandable to adapt to both small and large loads.

Name of the producer: Nordic Cab



The T1 is an award-winning bicycle trailer that can be transformed into hand luggage. The endurable dom T2 Single-wheel trailer is a light weight, high efficiency, cross-country trailer, bringing EcoMobility into the countryside. The aluminum alloy frame is retractable, coming with a 100 % waterproof bag. Perfect for sport purposes and for travelling, this trailer is designed for people in movement.

Name of company producer: Freeparable Design Co., Ltd.